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Most Worn Tag | Summer 2012

The last week for summer for me consists of thoughts of the upcoming fall. My mind is so set on what the next season will bring that I tend to forget to live in the present and enjoy the summer while it lasts. So today's post is a reflection on my most worn beauty & fashion products of the summer. This is based off the popular YouTube beauty tag "Most Worn-Summer Edition." Though, it's meant to be a video, I thought it was a great idea for a blog post. There are 12 questions on your most worn beauty & fashion items of the summer and at the end you are supposed to tag some fellow beauty vloggers (or bloggers) to answer the questions too. So whatever form of media you use, consider yourself tagged!

Most worn nail polish
Left to Right: Zoya Zuza, Color Club Blue-Ming, Julep Oscar
As my blog probably clues you in on, I love nail polish! This summer I really got into bright colours and shiny textures that look amazing in the sun & water. I also honed in on my nail art skills & tried many new designs and techniques. So my most worn nail polish is not one but three! These three polishes made the most appearances on my blog and are definitely my most worn of the summer. I love Zoya Zuza for pedicures, gradients, and water marbles. It's bright aqua blue foil looks amazing in the sun and Zoya's formulas are able to withstand a beat down of water, sand, and outdoor activities. This Color Club in Blue-Ming was in my July Birchbox and ever since I have rarely painted my nails without it! It's a beautiful bright mint creme that is great on it's own & in nail art. I used it in my French Braid nails and Ikat nails. Last but not least, Julep Oscar! This gold glitter was perfect for gradients and accent nails. It's super dense, long lasting and shiny. This summer I paired it with coral, red-orange, mint, and navy

Most Worn Scent
Another Birchbox find (brace yourself there are more!), the Melvita Rose Water spray has been a great multi-use product that I have brought everywhere with me, from Florida to Minnesota to New York City. The size was perfect for traveling, so I left my fragile perfume bottles and bulky body sprays behind and chose to take this instead. The rose scent is of course floral but also super fresh. This spray not only was used in lieu of perfume but also as a refreshing mist for my face and hair after long hours in the sun, aromatherapy for helping me sleep in places other than my own bed, and for freshening up clothes that were stuffed into suitcases.   

Most Worn Hair Product
I focus much more of my attention on my hair during Autumn and Winter. During the colder seasons, I tend to use more heat styling tools and that plus the dry air can make my hair dry as well. Over the summer, the humidity can cause my thick hair to frizz up. I started using Chi Silk Infusion on & off in high school. I brought it back into my beauty rotation this summer. I use a quarter size amount on my damp hair after showering to make my hair stay smooth and soft even after afternoon rain storms and 90 degree plus weather.

Most Worn Bag
I actually bought this purse last summer at Target & have it in three colours....the most worn of this Mossimo purse this summer has been in the colour Mushroom. Though I tend to like smaller bags in the summer, this one was perfect, again, for traveling. I am able to fit my MacBook in it which is super convenient at the airport (along with a make-up bag, e-reader, scarf, coffee cup, wallet, iPhone, and more!) I have this bag in black and green as well but the gray was great to bring with me because it matched all of my summer outfits. 

Most Worn Shoes
My most worn shoes over the summer, over the past four summers in fact, has to be this pair of green sandals from Charlotte Russe. I rarely buy new shoes, being a vegetarian it is hard to find shoes that I like that aren't leather, and I have quite a shoe complex after having size 10 feet in a family of size 6's. I do like these shoes a lot though, and they have lasted me quite a while for being under $15. I love the green colour that surprisingly goes with most things and the snake embossed detailing that makes them look more expensive than they are.

Most Worn Accessory

Summer to me is all about the accessories. It is too hot to wear much clothing, so jewelry is a great way to add interest without adding layers. Also some of the best summer accessories are the most practical such as straw hats and sunglasses. My most worn necklace of the summer is my vintage Sand Dollar necklace. I stole it (with permission...kind of) from my mom's jewelry box & wear it all the time either alone or layered with other gold necklaces. I love how it is perfectly themed for summer and can be dressed up or down. My most worn bracelets are pretty much year round items for me. The gold studded bracelet is from Forever 21 and is so easy, fun, and great to layer. My favourite bracelet of all time is my blue button bracelet. The beads are vintage 1950's buttons from the former Czechoslovakia. I also have been wearing my straw fedora from Forever 21 a lot this summer as well as my military green Ray Ban Wayfarers. I basically wear all of these things together, everyday, all summer....

Most Worn Clothing Item

I love wearing light dresses in the summer, they are so easy and comfortable while looking like you put a lot more effort into your outfit. This coral dress is by Staring at Stars from Urban Outfitters. I love the colour, which is more coral in person, and the cut; it is slightly longer in the back and has a super subtle sweetheart neckline. It is also rayon which makes it light and soft (though super wrinkly.) It was perfect for wearing over a bikini as well as for a dinner out.

Most Worn Foundation
I have never been much of a foundation girl. Though, I consider myself to wear a ton of make-up, this was reserved to eye products: shadows, liners, and mascaras. Over this summer though, I have started to be more interested in finding a foundation that is right for me. But the idea of wearing a heavy foundation during the summer sounded horrible. As I looked more & more into foundation products, I became really interested in trying a BB cream but had no idea wear to start and didn't want to pay for a full-size product when I wasn't sure if I would use it regularly. Again Birchbox came to my rescue! In my July box, was a sample of Boscia BB Cream. I have used this so much over the summer (as demonstrated by the worn off writing on the bottle.) Coming out of the tube, it looked dark for my fair skin but adjusts to my skin colour, just as it says. Perfect size for traveling, perfect SPF for summer, perfect light coverage. Even though it is light coverage, I can get a pretty flawless looking face by pairing it with a concealer. 

Most Worn Blush/Bronzer
Again not much of a face make-up wearer and that included blush and bronzer. I decided to try the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer because at $3, you have not much to lose. I really love the blush colour. It is very wearable and would work great on many skin types. The colour, though it appears shimmery, is basically matte. I sometimes use the bronzer for contouring, but it is more difficult to work with than the blush. It's a little too dark for me and harder to blend out.

Most Worn Lip Product
I love the look of a bold lip, and over the summer I'll occasionally do a bright coral. But daily I opt for my Eos Lip Balm in Melon and occasionally a sparkly gloss. I love the texture and colour of bareMinerals gloss in Icing. The applicator is a brush which I prefer to a doe foot. 

Most Worn Mascara

Mascara is one of my can't live without beauty products. Unfortunately over the summer, I was horribly broke and just couldn't put myself up to purchasing a new mascara (#gradschoolproblems.) I did, however, have a sample size of Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara. Though it's not waterproof (which I exclusively purchase), the formula didn't smudge during normal wear, even in the heat of summer. A curved wand is not my favourite, but I do love the look it gave my lashes, full, long, & super curled.

Most Worn Eyeshadow

Ah eyeshadow. My favourite. If I had to choose one colour as my most used it would be Benefit's Leggy. I bought this to replace the near empty pans of Sin and Sidecar in my Urban Decay Naked palette. It is a really great shimmery beige perfect for a lid colour. Now, I pair it up with other colours in my Naked palette such as Virgin for an inner corner and browbone highlight, Naked for the crease, Toasted for the outer v, Creep for setting my top liner, and Hustle for setting my bottom liner. So really, my most worn eyeshadow is six eyeshadows...& sometimes I switch Toasted for Smog and Hustle for Darkhorse. How about I just pick the Naked palette as my most worn eyeshadow?

Now, there wasn't a category for most worn eyeliner, but I feel like it goes hand in hand with eyeshadow. This summer, I switched out my black liquid liner for this purple Eyeko Skinny Liner (another Birchbox love.) This updated my eye routine to be more bright and fun for summer. The colour is dark enough that far away it looks black and more neutral, but up close you see a brilliant purple. The pen applicator also makes a winged look effortless. When I wanted a more neutral look I would set it with a dark, wine purple colour such as the darkest colour in the Smashbox Charmed palette and when I wanted a bright, fun purple I would use Urban Decay's Flash.... Did I just name drop more eyeshadows?

So there are my most worn summer items! I had an amazing summer. I saw so much of my family and was able to visit so many places. I also had a great time discovering fun summer events in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I can't wait to continue this momentum into fall! I am excited to bring out my favourite fall beauty & fashion items! The nerd in me is also so happy to be back in classes! I hope you had a great summer, and I would love to see your most worn items of the summer! I am also going to tag Felix & Leo (Catie get back into the blogosphere!) Below is the list of questions:

1) Most worn nail polish
2) Most worn scent
3) Most worn hair product
4) Most worn bag
5) Most worn shoes
6) Most worn accessory
7) Most worn clothing item
8) Most worn foundation
9) Most worn blush/bronzer
10) Most worn lip product
11) Most worn mascara
12) Most worn eyeshadow

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  1. Awesome post!! I loved everything :) I can't believe your empty naked palette pans!! I have yet to go through any of them! I can't wait to do this on my blog! Good luck with classes!!