Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rainbow Water Marble

I am so excited for fall! I can't wait to drink Pumpkin Spiced Lattes while wearing a chunky sweater & boots. But after finishing my first week of classes, I had the feeling, "Maybe I'm not so ready for fall..." So to enjoy the last of warm weather and bright colours, I did a water marble using some of my new Color Club polishes.
This is the third time I have attempted a water marble. I don't think it is difficult to do or that you need any special tools, but I do think you need a lot of practice to do it well. I have greatly improved after only having done it a couple of times before. It is so nice to see progress, though I definitely could use even more practice!

I used all Color Club polishes. The colours I used were Almost Famous (Yellow), Lava Lamp (Orange), Peace Out Purple (Purple), and Age of Aquarius (Green-Blue). I started off with a white base because some of the colours were neons and to make all the colours really pop. I love how bright it is and how it looks like a rainbow! It reminds me of my Lisa Frank school supplies in elementary school, which of course always made me happy.

I think what improved my water marble this time compared to my previous tries were that I stuck with a very simple design in the water. I just made a few drags to a center point, a few "loop de loops." I did have some problems with the polish being "stretched" too far. On my right hand (left picture) on the thumb and index finger you can see some white through. My favourites are my left hand thumb, index, and middle finger and my right hand pinky. But I really love them all; they are all slightly different but still cohesive. 

Left Hand with Flash
I will definitely miss summer brights, but I am excited for some new dark polishes for Fall. I ordered several new polishes from Zoya's new fall collection during their BOGO special. I can't wait for those to get here! Do you change up your nail colour based on the season? Will you be wearing neon nails this fall and winter?

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