Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Weekend | Ben Howard & The Bahche

Even though we had a Snow Day on Tuesday, the weekend didn't seem to come fast enough. We started the weekend with seeing Ben Howard on Friday night. It was an amazing show-great sound, great lights, great transitions. If you are a fan, I definitely recommend trying to get tickets!

During the weekend it's been getting harder and harder to leave the house. I just want to stay indoors & watch Netflix all day! Even though it's freezing, whenever I do eventually drag myself out the door it's been worth it. Yesterday, we decided to go to The Bahche. It's a Turkish cafe in Gowanus. Preston & I randomly stumbled upon it one night after leaving the Bell House. It's a pretty shocking sight when compared to the rest of the warehouse laden neighborhood.

It's one of the largest spaces I have seen in the city and the whole front is decked out Mediterranean style. It reminds me of the Italian-themed hotel at Universal... It looks to be a great place for parties, but the couple of times I've been there has just been for a cup of tea and some lunch.

It's nice that it's so large, you feel like you can stay awhile, unlike many brunch spots in the city. I had to try the sage tea, and I really liked it.

I also decided to get the Mediterranean breakfast platter, so I could have a little assortment of everything. Their bread is amazing! They bake it right there.

Isn't it funny, I look like I am in front of a house!

Well, I didn't get out too much, but something is better than nothing. Today has been filled with cleaning and laundry. Not the most entertaining, but it's always nice to have clean clothes & bedding. Maybe I will have to end the weekend with a full-on Lush bath...I just might do that.

What were you up to this weekend?

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