Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lush Valentine's Day 2015

I can't resist a Lush holiday collection (Christmas, Easter, etc.) I feel like most of the time I miss out, so this year I went super early. There were quite a few things I wanted, but I decided to limit myself to just a few bathtime treats.

The Kiss Lip Scrub
This is the only thing I have tried so far. I needed a new lip scrub, especially with this dry winter season. I have never tried a Lush lip scrub before and decided to go with the V-day version. The Kiss smells like cotton candy. It's very soft and gentle, while being an effective exfoliator. Instructions say to lick it off, but that kinda weirds me out, and I hate the taste. It tastes more like bubblegum which I am not a fan of. There is a ton in here as a little goes a long way, but it does expire quickly so I hope I can do the jar justice.

Heart Throb Bubbleroon
This was at the top of my list. I love the heart shape and the gold glitter, perfect for v-day. The scent is a good balance of vanilla and florals.

Rose Queen Bath Bomb
This one isn't a Valentine's Day specific product, but it is definitely appropriate. It's a true roses scent and is supposed to leave petals in the bath. I heard it's messy, but it sounds like a fun V-day themed bath.

I was also wanting Unicorn Horn- it's so pretty & pastel-but my Lush store was out of it the last few times I went in. I got Love Locket last year as a Valentine's gift from Preston. I loved the scent of that one and you can break it up into so many pieces for a ton of uses-especially if you have a tiny NYC tub like me.

Have you been to Lush lately?

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