Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day | Juno

Our first official snow day of the season. Juno (see Hercules here) wasn't as terrifying in NYC as it was expected it to be, which worked out for me as I had a SNOW DAY. It was fun to sleep in a bit with a cup of coffee (I even did the cliche knee-high & mug in bed shot...) and have an afternoon in the park. It seems every parent & child in Park Slope also came to that conclusion as the hills were covered in tiny sledders & happy pups.

Prospect Park is my favourite place to be no matter the season. 
Fall is the best, but the snow makes for quite the winter wonderland.

I am quite proud of my squirrel photo...

I am surprised (but happy) they kept the water turned on. Yes, they can turn off the waterfalls. 

Our snowy evenings have been filled with Friends. This is our best Chandler impression (The One with the Engagement Picture)-we needed more teeth.  And of course, we took the drone out though the cold weather wasn't conducive to long flights.

macro shots...

Just barely frozen ponds.

Litchfield Villa

Rows & rows of houses.

Though the weather wasn't too crazy, I am glad NYC was prepared for the possibility.
Hope everyone on the Northeast coast is safe & warm!

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