Friday, May 29, 2015

A Cozy Bedroom

I love living in Brooklyn, and for the most part, enjoy my teeny apartment. My bedroom is not the largest or brightest spot in the place, but it is one of the most used. Think of all the time spent just on sleeping! Our bed takes up most the space, so I try to keep it as cozy and cute as possible. Soft throws, pretty duvets, and fun pillows are key to making it an inviting space to spend an evening or weekend morning curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. Our decor is very shades of grey. It's always been a colour (or tone..?) that I have loved. And it helps keep things not too feminine for Preston. In college, I did have a seahorse patterned duvet...Probably for the best that things are more neutral.

I feel like I have been wanting to shop more for home items than fashion or beauty of late. As a neutrals girl, I have been loving the site Parachute for some classic bedroom inspiration-shades of gray, cream, and navy. I could see Preston loving the slate shade of this bedding set. And having a blank slate for the bed leaves room for bolder accessories or perhaps a fun throw pillow or two. I can't resist lusting after their cashmere throws. If you are looking to upgrade your bedding, check out this post from Cupcakes & Cashmere-it has tips & info from the founder of Parachute.

What is your bedroom style?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Natural Beauty | Neal's Yard Remedies

Natural ingredients are something I always look forward to in beauty products. I am all for the power of botanicals. I also love that most natural brands are ethically conscious and cruelty free! Neals Yard Remedies is a new brand to me, and it seems a little difficult to get a hold of in the U.S. I was able to try some of the products, and they are becoming quite interwoven in my daily routine.

The White Tea Toning Eye Gel became an instant favourite. It is so soothing and instantly de-puffing. I have been using this instead of a traditional eye cream day and night. The Organic Eye Make-Up Remover has become another daily in my routine. I swear by my Target Brand remover, but I do love knowing that with this, it's all natural ingredients and works basically as well. It smells a lot like the Michael Todd Pumpkin mask, so I was convinced it had pumpkin in it, but it's mainly rose water. I like using it as a toning step as well as for removing make-up. Do-it-all balms are becoming a new staple for me. At night, I am always searching for something that I can use for everything-hands, lips, etc. I am quite liking the Busy Bee Balm. It's the perfect addition to my nightstand. Plus, bees! NYR also does tea and other health items too. I love to try new teas and find a cup can be super calming. I have been enjoying the Summer Tea. It's an herbal tea of nettle, peppermint, liquorice, and Eyebright. It's slightly sweet, but not too overpowering. I am excited to try it iced, but hot at night has been a very relaxing way to end the day.

NYR seems to be a more prolific brand in England, but they do have a U.S. website and other international options as well. I am generally not a big of a fan consultant-type retail programs and was unaware that that's how they operated in the U.S. until after I tried the products. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you are into natural, organic beauty-I have enjoyed these products.

What are some of your favourite natural beauty brands?

*Products were sent for review. See my full disclosure here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Garden State

When we weren't hiking up a storm, we were breathing in the fresh air, watching the birds. Ah, that deck life. We would just sit out there for hours...even nap. After a makeup-less, sweaty, work-out clothes wearing camping experience, I decided to dress up a bit. I felt like I was in a secret garden.

The dress is from Target. They have so many cute maxi dress options. Gladiators are Vince Camuto Hevelli-I scored them from Marshall's for a huge discount, so I suggest checking out the discount stores first. Nails are Butter London Fruit Machine. Weirdly, it's one of the very few pink polishes I own.

Sunny days outside planting tomatoes. It makes me excited to one day have a garden of my own. Though, I admit I could put in some more effort into my concrete jungle of a backyard. My succulents are still alive! Whoop-whoop. I know, it's only been a month...

City, country, or suburbs?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Photo Diary | Camping at Round Valley, NJ

This past weekend Preston & I were feeling particularly adventurous. I love the city, but every once in awhile, it's nice to take a break. We took advantage of the long weekend by taking a trip to Jersey to visit Preston's grandmother and decided to spend one of our nights camping. We consider ourselves quite the walkers, easily clocking in five miles on a weekend day-just the weekend before this we did the 10K AIDS Walk. We were up to the challenge of 'primitive' camping-hiking to and from the campsite (around 5 miles each way) and to and from water sources (a rusty well about a mile away from our site). However, we came to discover, urban walking is very different.

We started our hike Sunday afternoon. Luckily, we had amazing weather.

Lugging around our belongings for miles of hills and uneven terrain was exhausting. We were basically dying.

But, it was so worth it once we got to our spot. We were in a more wooded site-they have many beach side ones that you can even take a boat to, but it was easy (though thorny) to make our way to the lake. The water was cold, but it was fun to splash our feet around.

I am a pro at marshmallow toasting, if I do say so myself.

My other hidden talent is finding perfect sticks for a variety of purposes, such as the aforementioned marshmallow toasting and as a writing utensil. Preston is the fire master. And he was pretty handy at breaking logs in half with his bare hands ....well, by whacking them against a tree....

On this romantical camping date, we just had to see the sunset. It was rather cloudy but still so pretty.

Time for s'more S'mores. (HEHE I couldn't resist...)

Had to complement the sunset, with a sunrise. A cloudy morning, but a perfect early start to the day and our hike back. 

Our 'I can't hike anymore' faces. We did it! And we saw deer & bunnies, so it was a win. Even though I am so sore, I am looking forward to the next time.

  Is a camping trip on your summer bucket list?

A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail | May 2015

Happy Mail! Love this subscription, and it seems that I have lots of May occasions so having a stack of cards available has been super convenient. This month almost everything is glammed up in gold foil. The foiled 'Happy Birthday' cards are my most used from the subscription, so I am glad to have this smaller pink version on the ready. This month, my favourite has to be the 'Get to Work' print. It's perfect. Now, I just have to decide whether to have it in my office at home or bring it to the cube. The 'You're Twisted' card made me chuckle and the green background is very pretty. I am sticker obsessed, so I love the emoji envelope stickers and the pink word sheet. I am also a lover of the succulent varieties, so the 'you're my favorite' card is another top pick for me.

What were your favourites from this month?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day! I come from a big military family, so it's always on my mind the service & sacrifice so many have made. Just taking a moment to remember to enjoy the simple things in life & the time you spend with your loved ones! I am in New Jersey this weekend, taking a break from the whirl of the city. Preston & I just got back from a longgg hike and night of camping. I am looking forward to sharing some pictures.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Physician's Formula BB Cream & Argan Bronzer

Physician’s Formula is one of my favourite drugstore brands. It’s a bit pricey, but there seems to be a buy-one-get-one sale on the regular. I wanted to pick up a few new make-up pieces for summer, so I thought I would try the OrganicWear BB Cream and the Argan Oil Light Bronzer.

Of course, the packaging is super pretty, but I also am loving the products. I have been wearing the bronzer quite frequently and for the weekends, it’s been so nice to just whip on some BB Cream. Both products have a scent, so if that bothers you, you might want to pass. I’m usually not one for scented make-up, but I actually enjoy these ones-it’s more of a natural scent. The BB Cream has coconut oil in it, so it has a coconut scent to it. It has your typical BB Cream consistency-like a tinted sunscreen almost. I find the coverage really evens out my complexion, and I just add some of my concealer to more troublesome areas-any blemishes and my crazy lack-of-sleep under eyes. I couldn’t resist getting the Argan Oil Bronzer-it’s gorgeous. Plus, the colour is perfect. Not orange-y or muddy at all. The finish is a satin-don’t worry, the glitter is just an overlay. This has a more perfume-y/argan oil scent. The light is perfect for fair skin tones, and there is also a darker shade.

Have you tried any of the new Physician’s Formula products?