Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY Bookends from Design*Sponge

After my boyfriend and I moved to Brooklyn, unpacked our moving truck, and built all our IKEA furniture.... I realized we were missing more of the little things. Odds & Ends, Knicks & Knacks. We had to leave a lot of our stuff behind in Florida as well as make room to combine both of our things in order to fit in our tiny 350 square foot apartment! One thing that I really wanted for our bookshelves were bookends. I had been pinning ideas, but everything seemed to girly for him & too expensive for me. So when I came across this post on a DIY project for Alchemy Bookends, I knew I had to make it. Design*Sponge is one of my favorite websites for home decorating, entertaining, and DIY projects. 
My apartment has horrible lighting; everything is yellow-tinted.

For the full-tutorial, click here to go to Design*Sponge's tutorial! Below are just the basic steps of what I did to create my bookends.

1. Collect a lot of rocks. You'll need some flat-bottomed rocks for the base and a variety of other   sizes. Everytime we would walk through Prospect Park on our way to the zoo, the farmer's market, or the botanical gardens, I would stop every so often to inspect the ground for nice rocks.   

2.Wash your rocks, scrubbing them with a toothbrush to make sure all the dirt is gone & then let them dry completely.

First Round of Rocks
3. Paint your rocks gold by following the directions on the spray paint can.

4. Glue your rocks together! Start with a few flat rocks on the base & work your way up using hot glue for a fast hold, and the liquid nails for a more durable long-lasting bond. Make sure the Liquid Nails or other glue you use is clear. I used Liquid Nails & it was white, so I had to respray my bookends again when they were finished to cover up the glue.

It took a long time before I managed to fasten them all together with nail glue & a hot glue gun. My perfectionism took over, and I was never happy with how they looked. I couldn't get the two sides to match! So, I finally asked my boyfriend to help. I made one side, and he made the other. I really like how they turned out & it's okay with me that they don't match. They are special! One, the rocks are from Prospect Park, my favorite place and a really big part of my life in Brooklyn, & Two, I got Preston to do a DIY with me!

Side Detail

Cameo of Rococo

I love Prospect Park!!

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