Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Newspaper Nails

So today I tried the nail trend, "Newspaper Nails." It looks so cool & is the most effortless nail art I have ever encountered! I was so eager to try it out that I didn't even check to see if I had all supplies. Even so, I managed to have everything on hand in my apartment, and it took 5 minutes to complete.

There are many variations on how to do this. Below is a quick tutorial on what I did to create this manicure:

    • Light grey or white nail polish 
    • Top coat 
    • Newspaper 
    • Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka
    • Cotton Ball
    • Tweezers
    Simple Steps:
    1. Paint your nails with your light coloured nail polish. I used NYC Sidewalkers, which is more of a  medium grey.
    2. Wait for your polish to completely dry.
    3. Pour about a tablespoon of alcohol into a small container.
    4. Cut the newspaper into ten pieces about the size of your nails.
    5. Pick up a piece of newspaper & dip it into your alcohol.
    6. Place this on your nail & press a cotton ball on top.
    7. Hold the cotton ball over your nail for 5-10 seconds.
    8. Remove the cotton ball & the newspaper.
    9. Check out your design!
    10. Seal it with a top coat. I used NYC Matte Me Crazy to keep the newspaper look. Glossy looks great too though!

    Such an inexpensive & quick way to get awesome looking nail art. I didn't have any newspaper so I used a grocery store flier. I also didn't have any rubbing I used Bacon flavoured Vodka..... I am a vegetarian, but I got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I think it would make a great Bloody Mary. I guess I will have to wait for Fakon Vodka before I can try that...
    Well anyway, the point is no special tools are needed. I will definitely be doing this again. Next time, I will try picking more specific words rather than having lettuce, raspberries, & probiotics written on my nails!

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