Sunday, May 6, 2018

Brandless Haul

The brand that claims to not be a brand-I am not buying that, but I am buying quite the assortment of $3 products. Three dollars. Organic, non-GMO, all that for 3 bucks. I piled my virtual shopping cart high and have been eating away to share my thoughts!

What first got me curious, was the mention of $3 dollar organic maple syrup. You really can't beat real maple syrup. When I am not pouring it on pancakes, I use it to sweeten matcha lattes. But at the grocery store pricing of ten dollars it felt like a luxury. Their coconut oil is another highly mentioned product-so I grabbed that too.

Along with all the snacks-hummus chips, barbeque, Brandless Oreos, crackers, dried mango, granola. It's amazing to have a fully stocked pantry! I also decided to try the body care items and threw in a body wash and hand soap. One item (or three) that I wasn't expecting to add were these spoons. But again, three dollars each for some sexy spoons.

I've already placed my next order-I need more instant oatmeal packets for work, some granola, maybe try a muffin mix-let me know what your favourite Brandless products are!

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