Sunday, January 28, 2018

Beauty Habits for the New Year

Sharing a few beauty habits that I've incorporated into my routine-some more recent than others. Exploring these ideas might have crossed your mind before too, so I thought I'd share to give you some motivation for 2018 to be the year that you test these out!

Natural Deodorant
Last year, I made the switch to natural deodorant. It took awhile to find a favourite that worked for me. And it took awhile to get used to the change, but now, I regret not embracing it sooner! No irritation, no chemicals, and lots of fun scents. My favourite is the Schmidt's stick versions, keeps it the same as you're used to (I can't quite get the pot to work-I think I'm not getting the right amount?). I love the Rose+Vanilla scent for everyday, and I have the Bergamot+Lime in my gym bag to swipe on before hot yoga.

I'm sure we can all relate to being on & off with vitamins-probably since being a kid. I have tried quite a few brands-including all those Instagram trending ones....How I've got my regimen to stick was buying a weekly medicine holder from Amazon (blinged out with some Glossier stickers) and setting my vitamins out for the week. It makes it easy to see if I remembered to take it for the day. You can do a ton of research for what kinds and brands work for you. Personally, I take a vegetarian Biotin everyday (the Trader Joe's brand), and I've been trying vitamins from Hum (my referral code is: 101FD3). They also have great smoothie powders too.

Cruelty-Free Beauty
I started making the transition to cruelty-free beauty when I started this blog. It can be a tricky world to navigate with brands using deceptive legal speak in an unregulated field. But there are a ton of great resources too. I love following vegan beauty and cruelty-free beauty Instagrammers to see what brands they post. You can find people who share anything cruelty-free, just vegan, only natural, etc., etc.  There are so many different brands out there to try, you really don't end up missing out on any products-from high end to drugstore.

 Let me know if the comments what beauty habits you want to start in the new year! 
Or ones you'd highly recommend!

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