Friday, March 7, 2014

Dreaming in Blush

I thought I would start this Friday, with some fashion inspiration. I am highly anticipating the start of spring. Though, I am doubting that will be happening any time soon (Please, NYC, please!) Well, a girl can dream. In blush.

I have been so drawn to this light rosy pink shade lately. This took my by surprise as I am usually not a big 'pink' fan. The tone can look quite off with my colouring. The nude blush shade of this season has just enough greige (grey/beige) to keep it modern (& keep me from looking like a lobster.)

Cardigan Jacket from Uniqlo
Pink Wraparound Cardigan from Zara
Pretty Tough Mini Skirt from Forever21
Pink Blazer with Elbow Patches from Zara
Nude Mini City Bag from Zara
Taupe Pointy Shoes from Zara
Merona Satchel from Target

I am loving these items and even the styling for the models (crisp whites & ripped jeans- yes & yes.) I know I will be adding some blush into my wardrobe this season.

What do you think of the blush trend?

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