Saturday, March 8, 2014

Perfect Palette Tag

I am an eyeshadow palette junkie. This isn't news as I mention all the time that eyeshadows are my favourite make-up item. So, I figured it only makes sense that I do the 'Perfect Palette Tag'. I love these posts and videos. It's so much fun to see other people's eyeshadow collections and to add new palettes to your wishlist.

For convenient, durable packaging, I love the metal casing of Urban Decay Naked 2. I even prefer it over the Naked 3. The 'ripples' are kind of weird to me. The metallic taupe shade of the Naked 2 case is pretty, and the typography is simple. For just plain cool packaging, I love the Urban Decay Bamboo palette. I just think the bamboo is awesome, and the doodles are fun. The inside view isn't the best, the purple plastic isn't too strong, and there is so much of it. They could have expanded those pan sizes a bit.

I love my Urban Decay shadows. I used to buy UD eyeshadow palettes exclusively, because I never had to worry about pigmentation or longevity. When I read this prompt, I instantly figured Urban Decay Naked 1 would be my answer. Then, I remembered my most recent palette purchase Too Faced Pretty Rebel, and it's amazing colour payoff. So, I am adding it in my answer as well. I mean just check out the swatches below. Gorgeous! I definitely need to get some more Too Faced palettes.

Versatile, to me, means a palette with a complete everyday eye plus some jewel tones for fun. The Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette satisfies both those needs. I love that I can pull this palette out for an everyday neutral look and when I want an extreme night-out look. This palette also has a a variety of finishes. Champagne, mattes, browns, gold, duochrome, glitter, hot pink...what more could you want? Another palette that meets my expectations is the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume IV, shown later on.

Whenever I travel, I don't skimp out on the make-up. Bringing several eyeshadow palettes doesn't take up that much room, right? But if needing to bring only the bare essentials, I easily picked my two. Though, I could and do, bring Naked 1, 2, or 3 with ease. The quintessential palette for travel is Nars The Happening. It has an easy neutral eye and a golden berry for when you want something a bit different. It even has your blush and bronzer- all in the same size as your iPhone. The Happening was limited edition, but Nars seems to do this style of palette on a regular basis. I had to include the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I go all out with my eye make-up which means I need transitional shades, highlights, and liners. I get that and a matte eye look with this palette, plus it's cute & tiny as well.

This is my biggest palette regret which is not too bad seeing as it was only five dollars. What added to the regret status was it was my first Wet 'n Wild palette making me delay in trying out the other WnW shadows- which are much better. My complaint is just with the pigmentation. After being a UD shadow girl, these were a let-down. Swatching isn't showing it as too terrible, except for the lightest shades, but they are even more patchy when applied. The colours all blended together and were just a glittery, slightly purple mess.

Urban Decay names are the best. Especially when a non-beauty obsessive compliments your make-up, and you casually mention 'Bootycall', 'Half-Baked', or 'Sin'. At some point, you just don't associate the words with their true meaning anymore. Pictured is Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. IV, I love the mix of neutral shades and jewel-toned colours. However, if there was a 'Worst Packaging' I would pick this in a heartbeat. It's just so bulky. I love that it came with all the extra bells & whistles (eyeliner, mascara, liquid liner, speaker?...), but did it really need to be connected to the palette? De-potting this is on my to-do list, for sure.

There are some brightly coloured palettes that would technically be my 'least used'. But I decided on this one seeing as it's a good dupe for my 'most used' which is so surprising that I don't use it more often. The Wet n Wild Nude Awakening palette was a limited edition palette last spring, and it's a dead ringer for many shades in the Naked 1 palette (including all the ones I basically used to extinction.) I definitely need to use this palette more often.

Now, that takes us to my 'most used' palette and that is definitely the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. As you can see, I destroyed it. I ordered it as soon as it was announced and used it exclusively all through college. I really should just buy a new one...

I can't get enough of this palette. I am in love with it, making it perfect sense to choose as my 'most loved'. I have so many posts on this UD Naked 3 palette, so I will save all the descriptions. It's just gorgeous. I love that the shades are all neutrals, but the rose makes them look a bit more unique. It's only been a few months, so I don't know for sure if this is just the honeymoon period. But right now, it feel like the real, true thing.

I had to go with Naked 1. I love neutral shadows and would be happy to wear them for the rest of my life. Naked 1 has a broad spectrum ranging from champagne, gold, bronze, brown, burgundy, gray, black, covering both warm & cool tones.

I decided to throw in this last answer as a bonus, after seeing EssieButton's video. It's fun to hear what others are lusting after. Currently, I am having a huge internal debate regarding the NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette. The colours are just so perfect, and I only have one Nars eyeshadow palette, so having this would give me a great assortment. It would have been a done deal until I saw the size of the palette and read reviews of the pigmentation leaving more to be desired. Now, it's not a palette per se, but the Nars Kalahari duo is at the top of my make-up wishlist. The colours are gorgeous rosey gold and brown tones. They have great pigmentation and would still satisfy my craving for more Nars shadows. Ironic that in that same video, Estee lists this duo as her least used!

It looks like Naked 1 has won the most superlatives this tag! I definitely do love that palette. And you can see my love for Urban Decay shadows is strong. Though I have been branching out. I definitely want to try more Nars and Too Faced shadows. Anyway, I enjoyed looking through all my shadows and rediscovering some lost items with this tag!

Let me know your answers in the comments or link to your post/video doing this tag!