Sunday, February 24, 2013


This week my mind has definitely been focused on Spring. I am all for the colder months and highly anticipate fall & winter each year. I guess I am just always ready for a change. When it came down to choosing my Seven this week, I thought should I even bother? I didn't really feel like too much happened, just rushing from place to place. Then, I realized there are always some little things that happen each week that make you happy & that's the whole point of this weekly post!

[Loving the Real Techniques Core Collection for flawless make-up application]

[My new go-to eyeshadow look. Colour for a change but neutral enough for everyday]

[Having fun trying out a new nail art brush set]

[My Starbucks addiction has been in full-force this week]

[Hat tiles in the East 23rd Street Station]

[New spring scents for a rainy day]

[Admiring the beauty of Winter while imagining the future green leaves]

Well, there was my week. I'm glad I ended up posting this, even if I didn't feel too inspired. And looking back through the week's pictures does put it into perspective. I actually did have a pretty good week. :]  & I hope you did too.

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