Saturday, February 23, 2013

Desk Organization

As I showed in my Seven, last week I rearranged & reorganized my most well-used place in the apartment. Though I am one to grab my computer & papers and set myself up on the couch, bed, kitchen counter, & even the floor, I love being able to work at a nice, clean desk. Our only size requirement in leasing our apartment was enough space for us both to have our own desk. Living in Brooklyn, this can be a tall order. Thought it's a bit cramped we each managed to create our individual office spaces. Mine just has a bit more colour & beauty products. Today, I thought I would share my space.

Both Preston and I purchased the ever-so-popular Ikea Micke desk in Black/Brown & White. It's absolutely perfect (in my opinion). It's very long which allows it to function as both a desk and a vanity. There are also two pull-out drawers. The left side is my office side while the right stores my beauty essentials.

3 Frames with Cork Insert-Salvaged & DIY
Die-Cut Lamp from Target
Vintage Frame 
Mug Missoni for Target
Gold Initialed Notebook from
Colour-a-Month Planners from Moleskine
Pencil Cup from
MacBook Pro 13 inch
Nail Essentials stored in an Empty B&BW Candle
Peace, Love, & Juicy Perfume
Skull Mug from World Market
Blue Tray from Target
Nail Polish

I have a weird love for the Sharpie brand, so I love having my colourful Sharpies displayed in my clean, white pencil cup. My colourful Moleskine agendas replicate the brightness. I also keep a picture of my mother & I from my college graduation on the corner of my desk (I don't know why, but I love this photo so much!)

On my right, I have some of my beauty essentials. In the Leaves B&BW candle holder, I have nail care items such as base coats, top coats, cuticle cream, & cotton balls. I bought this skull mug for Halloween but have loved using it year-round to hold my make-up brushes. I keep my favourite & recently purchased nail polish in this simple blue tray.

Inside the Drawers
Office supplies organized in wire bins. 
[As you can probably tell, I love Post-It Flags & Notes.]

Make-Up organized by function in white plastic bins.

I love having a mix between functional pieces and personal decorative items on my desk. Having both the sentimental and the efficient, increases my productivity while maintaining a level of happiness. I spend a lot of time at my desk (albeit I should be spending even more!), so it needs to be a space that can serve multiple purposes, be functional, and look inviting.

What are some of your desk essentials & storage solutions?

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