Friday, May 22, 2015

Physician's Formula BB Cream & Argan Bronzer

Physician’s Formula is one of my favourite drugstore brands. It’s a bit pricey, but there seems to be a buy-one-get-one sale on the regular. I wanted to pick up a few new make-up pieces for summer, so I thought I would try the OrganicWear BB Cream and the Argan Oil Light Bronzer.

Of course, the packaging is super pretty, but I also am loving the products. I have been wearing the bronzer quite frequently and for the weekends, it’s been so nice to just whip on some BB Cream. Both products have a scent, so if that bothers you, you might want to pass. I’m usually not one for scented make-up, but I actually enjoy these ones-it’s more of a natural scent. The BB Cream has coconut oil in it, so it has a coconut scent to it. It has your typical BB Cream consistency-like a tinted sunscreen almost. I find the coverage really evens out my complexion, and I just add some of my concealer to more troublesome areas-any blemishes and my crazy lack-of-sleep under eyes. I couldn’t resist getting the Argan Oil Bronzer-it’s gorgeous. Plus, the colour is perfect. Not orange-y or muddy at all. The finish is a satin-don’t worry, the glitter is just an overlay. This has a more perfume-y/argan oil scent. The light is perfect for fair skin tones, and there is also a darker shade.

Have you tried any of the new Physician’s Formula products?

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