Friday, January 16, 2015

Filofax 2015

Getting organized is one of those popular resolutions for the new year, and it's always one of my goals as well. Though, as far as planning is concerned, I think I have my system sorted out and that's another year of Filofaxin'.

I just love the customization and convertibility it allows. Anytime I see a cute image or paper I can simply punch and add it in. For winter, I have a cut-out of a Rifle Paper Co. card of a girl in a cape-quite appropriate for the cold. For spring and fall, I will switch for this little owl from a set of prints from Ikea.

Like last year, I am using the inserts from the little Punctuate planners from Barnes & Noble. I am also still decorating my weeks-when I have the time. I am trying to do a few weeks at a time so that if I do have a busy week I'll have some ornamentation. It's fun and a good way to use up stickers & washi.

I've been incorporating some of the items from the A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail subscription, like cutting down the notepads (like Today's Goals from November) and making dividers using the stickers from December. I will probably end up punching some of the cute cards too.

I use this agenda for my personal planning and work events where I have to go to a different site. Regular work-hour meetings and goals go in a weekly planner that my office provided and of course, the Outlook calendar. I also have a million & one calendars posted around. I just think they are pretty & bonus as functional.

What's your agenda for this year?

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