Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY | Mini Succulent Garden

Living in a ground floor, half-basement level apartment in the city leaves much to be desired in the lighting department. I am always chasing daylight hovering over my window sill or longing for the weekend to take pictures for this here blog. This also makes it difficult to keep plants alive. Air plants and succulents are supposed to be easy, but I have to say minimal sunlight keeps them a challenge. But I love these teeny-tiny dinosaur-like plants, so I am giving them another go.

This was largely inspired by EssieButton's Spring DIY post (of which I want to paint some wooden hangers next!) and a conveniently timed trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where I always pick up some plants. I have been saving this candle holder for quite awhile now (you may remember it from this empties post...) I just thought it would be the perfect size for succulents, so I saved it away until spring time. I also thought it would be easy to poke holes into the bottom for drainage.

Aquarium Rocks
Assorted Succulents
Larger Decor

  1. Mix your soil & perlite together in your container. Succulents need little water so good drainage is key. You can add drainage holes to your container if it doesn't have any, or start with a layer of gravel at the bottom.
  2. Next, add water to moisten your soil. I am very classy and have been using a fork to mix everything.
  3. Carefully remove your plants from their previous containers...
  4. ...and arrange them in the soil.
  5. Add a top layer of bright aquarium stones and maybe a shell or crystal to dress it up. 
  6. And voila!
Simple DIY to start, but let's just hope I don't kill my new friends! Lately my apartment has been getting quite sunny, so I'm crossing my fingers they will be happy. I love the colour and texture this little garden adds to my home.

Do you have a green thumb?


  1. This is an absolutely adorable idea! I love succulents! Great post!

    1. Thank you! I am happy to report they are still alive! & now I want some more :]