Friday, April 4, 2014

A Tray of Stationery...

This little tray has been through quite a few repurposes. At first, it was used to store nail polishes and when the nail polish collection quickly got out of hand it stored extra beauty bits. Over the weekend, I did a desk organization overhaul as my drawer dedicated to office supplies was over flowing. I decided to try the tray as a way to store some of the influx-aka washi & sticky notes.

This little robin's egg tray was a Target OneSpot find a few years ago. It was around Easter, so perhaps they will do something similar again. I originally was going to repaint it, but I have found that I really like the light blue shade. Inside, I used a Birchbox as a divider and put in some of my favourite sticky notes that I use when decorating my Filofax. I get most, well basically all, of my sticky notes from Target, so I am sorry to all my readers without the Target dollar section! I also put in my Poppin pencil case which is filled with Sharpie markers and pens, Gelly Rolls, and pretty mechanical well as a nail file & Pokemon Nintendo stylus...I decided to stick in my mini-Muji calendar, which now needs it's month to be changed. Once you find out washi exists you really can't stop buying the little rolls of paper tape. Hopefully, I can resist otherwise I will have to find yet another storage system.

I love seeing this little tray of goodies on my desk. And it's easy to transport in case I want to get a bit crafty in other parts of the apartment. For more stationery related posts, click the 'Stationery' tab above.

How do you store your stationery?


  1. Nice! I absolutely love stationery! Although, I often time think it's all too pretty and perfect to actually use...

    1. I definitely have that problem or at least I have way too much to actually use anything up!