Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to | Paint your Nails

Yesterday, I wrote about the nail care products I was currently using and today, I thought I would show my steps for how I paint my nails. I never thought of doing a post like this before but a comment on my Instagram encouraged me to post it (Thanks Lucie!)

First, I trim, file, and buff my nails so there is an even clean surface to work on. I make sure after these steps to wash and dry my hands so no residue is left behind. Next, I apply my base coat to prevent staining and help the polish last longer. Then, it's time to paint with your actual polish. Here I am using Zoya Monica, a deep oxblood purple. I love Zoya's formula and brush. When painting my nails, I try to get as close to my cuticle as possible without touching it. I also want to make sure my strokes are even, so that everything dries at the same rate. After my first coat, I wait for my nails to dry before moving on to the second coat. They don't have to be completely dry, but basically there. Not waiting between coats can make it take impossibly long to dry, create bubbles, and lead to smudging. That's why I tend to paint my nails during a movie or TV show marathon, so I have plenty of time to be patient.

After the second coat is basically dry, but doesn't have to be completely hardened, I 'clean up' using 100% Pure Acetone and a small make-up brush. I follow along my nail bed to clean up around the cuticles and anywhere that nail polish might have ended up on my skin. This step is probably the best way to make your manicures look fresh instantly. Next, you can apply a top coat. In these pictures, I didn't end up using one as the polish dried very shiny already. So, I went straight to the quick drops step. The instructions say to apply the drops after you have let your polish dry for one minute, so I basically follow that rule, just making sure it's dry to the touch before I apply. And that's it!

My biggest tips are to keep your hands and nails moisturized, be patient between coats, and clean up if needed. With that in mind it's pretty easy to have your manicure look fresh and healthy. If you haven't already, make sure to check out yesterday's post on my nail care products so you can see what specific products I used in these steps!

What are your tips for painting your nails?

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