Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Favourites | September Random

Happy October! I am just so excited for this upcoming month. For September, I had a few non-beauty favourites that I wanted to share.

The first is my new handbag from the Phillip Lim for Target collection. Yes, I woke up early braving the crowds in hopes of finding a new purse. I even convinced Preston to go with me. He wasn't too hard to sway since we agreed to bike there and have breakfast right after. It was a good thing he came too since he was the one who slipped this bag off the rack very surreptitiously amongst a mass of crazy girls and security guards. I was originally planning on picking up a little satchel, but one, everyone was fighting for those, and two, it just looked too small for me. I like to carry everything and the kitchen sink with me and knew I would get way more use out of the larger tote. I chose the taupe colour as it's just my favourite colour as well as I already have a large black bag, the Zara Office City Bag. I find the size and colour to be perfect. Though, I wouldn't mind having a little satchel as well....now I am just being greedy.

This summer, I have been reading so much. This isn't too different than my usual summers; however, by the time fall comes around my novel reading tends to diminish. This probably was due to it having to be replaced with journal articles during grad school. But there isn't  anything much better than a cozy fall evening reading a book, so I am determined to keep up the casual reading. This month two of my favourites have been The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (pictured as my nook). I just now tried to describe the books but couldn't find the right words without saying so little it seemed boring or so much that I revealed spoilers... Look up the summaries online or go out on a limb and check these books out (maybe even like literally check them out from the library....too much?)

My next favourite will come as no surprise. Preston got me a Filofax for my birthday, the Aqua Saffiano in Personal size. I just love it. It's a great way to stay organized. I bring it with me everywhere, so I can quickly jot down any thoughts that pop up in my head or appointments I need to keep. I just did a whole blog post on my Filofax so click here if you want to look inside!

Finally, I have a couple of necklaces that have been daily staples for me this month. I feel like I have been seeing a lot of woodland forest animal motifs and graphics this season, and I have been falling hard for the trend. These two necklaces are from Forever 21. They are both gold on a shorter strand. The one with the acorn actually had a couple of other charms, but I ended up removing those preferring the lone little acorn. Another one I picked up is this one with a fox head charm. The gold is a little more burnished than the acorn necklace. They are both so cute, go with everything, and are very affordable.

Hope you have an amazing October! 
Let me know what some of your random or fashion favourites of September were in the comments below!