Sunday, January 20, 2013

Galaxy Nails

Here are my nails of the day! I finally tried the Galaxy nails trend & I don't know why I haven't sooner. I am amazed by this mani! It was easy and looks awesome. Thanks Emerald, for pushing me to do test this out this weekend ;]

Click below for a list of nails polishes used, a tutorial, and, of course, more pictures!

First things, first, here's what you need! 
[From Right to Left...]
  1. Black. I used Zoya Storm which was perfect because the holographic glitters are like built in stars. A black creme will work fine too.
  2. Blue Frost. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Freeze!
  3. Gray Creme. I used UO Barstool which is a grey-blue.
  4. Neon Pink. I used Color Club Jackie Oh!
  5. Purple. I used Zoya Aurora. The holo glitters in Aurora seemed perfect for this. You could also use a purple creme, frost, or foil. 
  6. Fine Glitter Top Coat. I used Wet 'n Wild Kaleidoscope.
  7. Make-Up Sponge. This is the only tool you will need!
& here's how you do it!
Start by painting your entire nail with the black polish. I used one coat of Zoya Storm. You may need two coats. Be careful not to go too thick since we will be layering lots of polish!

After waiting for your black base to dry completely, paint a small corner of your make-up sponge with the blue frost; then dab it on each nail. Add more blue polish to the sponge when needed. Place the blue in various places on your nail. Most nails I just have one spot of blue, one nail I have two.
Next, add your gray polish using the same technique (paint some of the gray unto the sponge then dab it on your nail.) I dabbed it next to where I placed the blue colour, overlapping it on some parts.
Now it's time for the neon pink! Paint some of the pink on your sponge, then dab it on! I tended to add this to the middle of where the blue and gray met. Kind of like it's the center of the galaxy, and the gray and blue are fog & ice surrounding it (this has no basis on science whatsoever.)

Then, I added the purple. If you are using a creme or a frost finish, use the sponge technique. Zoya Aurora has a ton of glitters so using a sponge tends to absorb all the colour & leave you with silver glitter. So, I used the polish brush to dab Aurora on & used the sponge to blend it out by dabbing it along the outside of the polish.

Lastly, paint your nail with your glitter top coat to add the stars! The End!

Like I said, I can't believe I haven't tried this before! I hope you do too & I hope this helps if you were having trouble making it work.

Have a great weekend & if you have any tutorial suggestions leave me a comment below!