Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Nail Art

Last week, a new online computer game was released, Guild Wars 2. I have been hearing all about it because of my incredibly nerdy boyfriend. The launch date was August 25 for people that pre-purchased the game, and the open release was August 28. Guild Wars 2 is an MMO, so you play online with a bunch of other people, leveling your character, completing events, and exploring the world. It is along the likes of World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, among others. After knowing Preston for so long my nerdiness was amped up to the extreme as well, and I played a lotttt of WOW. So, I was really excited to play Guild Wars 2 because it had the things I loved about WOW and also some different aspects that seemed to fit my wants in a video game even better. Unfortunately, they don't have a Mac client, so I have been playing on Preston's account. I am a Norn Ranger, and she is prettyyy cool. ;]

Anyway, in honor of the pre-launch, I painted my nails with the Guild Wars 2 logo. This is the most free-handed work I have ever done with nail art & I think it turned out really well! I love how it combines my nerdy side with my girly side.

The game is a lot of fun and very pretty. I love how the events/quests are more dynamic, and it is very easy to play by yourself or with friends. Also there are no subscription fees which is incredibly nice. Unfortunately, the game has been having some issues with bugs and maintenance, so hopefully they can work those out because I really want to keep playing.

I used Wet 'n Wild French Creme for the white, NYC Lincoln Center for the dark red used in the lettering, and Julep Natasha & NYC Lincoln Center for the '2'. I used an old cleaned up liquid eyeliner brush for my nail art brush. My favourite fingers had to be the 'G' and the '2.'

On September 1st, there was a Guild Wars 2 event at a Game Stop on the Upper West Side, so Preston & I went. We got t-shirts, in game virtual t-shirts for our characters, and a poster autographed by some of the developers. I helped Preston make a t-shirt in protest of the trading post being broken for the past week. Everyone at the event thought it was really funny!

Preston with some of the Game Developers

Do you have the new Guild Wars 2? Are you enjoying it or are you disappointed in the issues that have come up? Preston has been really disappointed in it though he was so excited! I have been enjoying it so far, but I am still at the beginning levels and am more of a "casual" player.

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