Monday, October 19, 2015

Atelier Cologne

Preston asked me what my favourite scent was the other day, and immediately I jumped up to grab my little vial of Atelier Santal Carmin. With the cooler weather here, I am back on this warm, cozy scent that was a favourite all last winter. Since then, I have been collecting Atelier samples here and there (usually via Sephora add-ons). Each scent conveys a story and imagery. You can envision it with the scent, but the included postcards add image and text to it.

Santal Carmin is a warm, sandalwood scent. The full-size bottle is my dream; however, that gorgeous real gold packaging hikes up the price quite a bit. I am lusting for the candle as well. My next favourite is Cedre Atlas-a cedar scent with lemon and bergamot. It's fresh and unique. Orange Sanguine has my favourite postcard. I love the Mediterranean breakfast scene. Mandarine Glaciale is the cooler side to Orange Sanguine. Both are vibrant citrus, but each connatate different regions and scenes.

I love how different their scents are compared to other perfumes. I haven't come across any similar scent profiles. The strength and scent combinations aren't for an all over body spray- just a dab of the unexpected scents transports you to another place. I have never really been that perfume obsessed, but Atelier definitely changed my mind to the power of scent.

Are there any perfume brands you collect samples of?

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