Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Weekend | Sakura 2015

Deja-vu? Nope, I just do the same thing every weekend. Gotta utilize that Brooklyn Botanic Garden Membership to the fullest. And cherry blossoms. Duh.

This weekend was officially Sakura. But the cherry blossoms failed to realize this and have not arrived yet. I will go every weekend until they come. Do not worry. Anyway, even without the esplanade, it was a packed day. The cherry blossoms around the lake in the Japanese garden were all bloomed, so it was, of course, still beautiful.

It does make me wish we had some weekdays off to enjoy the gardens more quietly.

We had fun looking for our Chinese Zodiac-the horse. He was hiding behind. On our way back from the Botanic Garden, we grabbed some ice cream sandwiches from the food trucks and lounged out in Prospect Park. I love being able to back outdoors again.

How was your weekend?

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