Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Weekend | Brooklyn Botanical Garden Sakura

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! This weekend was the Sakura festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It is one of my favourite events of the year (some pics from last year here). Though, the Cherry Esplanade was pre-bloom courtesy of this long winter...there were some gorgeous blooms surrounding the Japanese Garden. As I finally convinced Preston for us to get a membership and am addicted to the Cherry Watch, we will definitely be back when the other trees bloom.

I was wandering around the garden cheerfully snapping away. It was such a lovely afternoon. The weather was perfect-& yes, I did get to wear my kimono! Preston and I walked there eating our breakfast of Bagel Pub on our way. We met up with our friends Vanessa and Andrea. Whenever we go to the Botanical Garden, we make sure to visit the Japanese garden, the bonsai exhibit, and the biomes. Because it was Sakura, there were a ton of people dressed up in kimonos and as anime characters. We took pictures with our heads in cut-out boards, listened to DDR-esque music, and viewed a kimono fashion show. At the end of our day, we stopped by the gift shop to pick up some little succulents and headed back to Park Slope for a late lunch/early dinner at Lobo. Basically, it was my idea of a perfect day!


[Shinto Shrine]

[Cherry Esplanade]


[Desert Biome]

[Warm Temperate Biome]

What were you up to this weekend?

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