Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bed Head with Casper

Good morning! Today, I am talking about bed head. When I wake up I'm never sure what I am going to get with my hair. Usually I have the bangs sticking up at weird angles and definitely some knots with the long hair. My hair is naturally a bit wavy and super thick, so it can be hard to manage in the morning. I thought I would share some tips and products that have worked for me to simmer down that bed head.

This post is in collaboration with Casper for their 'Own Your Bedhead Project'. Casper is a new start-up with easily delivered latex & memory foam mattresses. If you are in NYC, you might have seen their ads in the subway. Definitely check out their website if you are looking for a new mattress-they also have a really interesting design & manufacturing story. They can't promise their mattress won't give you bed head, but it will give you a better night's beauty sleep.

 Before Bed
When tackling on my morning do, I have two rough strategies. One-start before bedtime. I use a couple of products after my nightly shower to keep my hair moisturized and a little less tangled. I love the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil  . It smells amazing and makes my hair more manageable. I am also a big fan of detanglers/leave-ins-like the Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. After applying those products to damp hair, I will brush through it with the Tangle Teaser.

After Bed
Now usually, I don't have much time in the mornings. I'm lucky if I am able to actually brush my hair. I do always have to straighten my bangs though-they can get pretty crazy. For that I use a mini flat iron by Sedu. It's the perfect size. If I do have time for a style sesh, I do a bit of heat styling. Today, I decided to straighten my hair, more for the shine than being pin straight. I start by spraying a heat protectant all over, making sure to get all the layers of hair. My favourite is Ogx Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray. Then, I go through my hair in layers with my Chi (it's the original one, I have had for years.) Finishing touches include some hairspray, currently I'm using Oribe Super Fine Hairspray, and the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray-it gives the perfect amount of shine. If my hair is looking a bit flat or if I'm working with second-day hair, I'll spray some dry shampoo, like this adorable Perk Up Dry Shampoo by Amika.

And now to put on a winter hat and brave the weather while simultaneously giving me hat hair to ruin all that work...I'm just kidding. It actually hold's up pretty well to the hat. Bringing along some dry shampoo can help too, if you do find your hair feeling flat. I also love using those elastic-style hair ties, so when I do inevitably throw my hair up in a pony, I don't leave behind any creases and reduce some breakage. 

What are your key tips & tricks for combating bed head? 
Is it all about the before bed prep or morning styling?

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