Thursday, January 15, 2015

Workwear | Blazers

I splurged a bit with a new bag and then decided to save on a couple of new blazers from Forever 21. Surprisingly, they have some quality blazers, especially in the Love 21 line. And at $25 each, I was able to get a gray & cream to work for a variety of occasions. I thought the gray one would be more practical, but I really love the fit of the cream. Both are open-style, which I notice I never really button my blazers anyway. My office is pretty business casual, but I thought it would be nice to dress up the sweater, pants, boots combo of this winter with a blazer to just send it on the business side. Eventually, I will invest in a more expensive option (at least a Zara number), but until then I am quite happy with these finds.

What items do you splurge and save on?

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