Monday, January 12, 2015

New In | Rebecca Minkoff Rose Gold Mab

I treated myself to a little Christmas present. I was going to use all that Christmas money and those Visa gift cards for bills (which I did a little), but instead decided to get a new handbag. I got a new title at work and was feeling like I wanted to refresh my 'work-drobe' to match the change. My mission was blazers & a work tote, and I definitely succeeded. Today, I will be sharing the new bag. It's a Rebecca Minkoff Medium Mab Tote in Saffiano Rose Gold. Those words are some of my favourite things...

As most people, I have fallen for the rose gold trend. It's been lasting awhile, so maybe it can just be a thing & not necessarily a trend now? I am also obsessed with Saffiano texture. It started with my Zara Office City bag (which I've had since Feb 2013), then my Filofax. I have been seeing the Mabs in Rose Gold for awhile now, but usually in the pebble leather. I thought they looked gorgeous but a bit too soft for my rough lifestyle (as in I overstuff.) The metallic finish will probably hold up better with the saffiano texture too. I was at Nordstrom Rack, and they had a ton of Rebecca Minkoff bags in so many sizes and colours (at great prices). I am guessing it's post Christmas loot, but I had a hard time googling this bag to find the exact model.

I am usually one to buy gray or black handbags as then they go with everything, but I have been in the market for a more colourful, statement option for awhile. I love that the colour is actually not that loud-it can look like a beige/camel shade, but the metallic texture makes it different. It's also a colour that would work well for all seasons. The medium size is nice too. I am all for the giant bag, and though this is the "medium" size,  it definitely isn't small. You can fit a tablet and book as well as all the usual purse things. My 13 inch Macbook Pro would probably squeeze in too-a Macbook Air would fit perfectly. The bag has two zip pockets (the front accent one and an interior one) and three open pockets (two of the usual phone/pen types and one card slot sized pocket). The interior lining and dust bag have a fun geometric, ikat-like print.

If you are looking for a new bag, I would highly suggest checking out Nordstrom Rack. Usually mine is pretty picked over in the handbag section, but it was flooded with great bags. And if you are looking for a nice work bag-the Mab is a good option.

How many handbags do you have?

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