Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jewelmint | Chaillot Necklace & Blanc Tassel Pendant

I decided I needed to update my jewelry collection with a couple of new winter pieces. A lot of my statement necklaces and longer pendants are more spring/summer in pastel and summery shades. I love Jewelmint as all their pieces are on trend, nice quality, and affordable. I decided to order the Chaillot Necklace and the Blanc Tassel Pendant.

I love the navy and burgundy shades of the Chaillot necklace. It's the perfect Autumn/Winter statement piece. For a long necklace option, I picked the Blanc Tassel Pendant as who doesn't love a tassel. Preston thinks it looks like a jelly fish-which makes me love it even more. I think both of these will look cute over a chunky knit.

If you want to join Jewelmint, you can follow my link here.

Do you change your jewelry for the seasons?

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