Monday, November 3, 2014

Haul | Target OneSpot Stationery

I am always rooting through the Target dollar section. Usually just picking up a few things here and there, but every once in awhile finding a lot of great things. Target may be a bit early with the holiday items, but I just couldn't help it. Now I feel thoroughly stocked up for wrapping.

I love buying little rolls of wrapping paper. Then, I have a variety of options rather than having everything have the same pattern. Of course, I love the typographic print in black & white and kraft paper. Target's dollar gift tags have been on point. I already have the owls and the blue smaller kraft paper tag. To that, I added the large cursive words, neon pink little ones, and gold & white feathers (I already know whose gifts those are going on...) As usual, I picked up a couple of note card sets, one mint & gold polka dots and the other 'Thank You' with a bit of neon.  The wire basket will be going on my desk at work to store my coffee and tea amenities. They also had some cute travel mugs-I got the mint one (not pictured) and have been using it everyday.

A notebook, listpad, washi, and the ever popular page flags fell into my basket as well, and I couldn't leave without the latest alphabet stickers. They also had winter candles out to, so I picked up the spruce scent. I love pine scented candles for the winter. I am really excited about this haul. I can't wait to start accumulating holiday gifts just so I can wrap them!

Spot any good dollar finds at Target lately?

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