Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Nails | Zoya Ignite & Entice

Fall nails are definitely my fav. I love the deep jewel-tones and rich metallics. Zoya Nail Polish is hands (and nails) down my favourite brand, and their fall collections are the best. Ignite & Entice are this year's collections of foils and cremes. I picked up four shades from the collections, though I am certainly lusting after more.

Margo | A deep fuchsia-toned plum. Perfect if you love those oxblood type shades. 

Genevieve | A dark cool grey with a hint of blue. 
I am obsessed with Zoya Natty-this is the even more steely version. 

Yuna | Genevieve + Gold & Green sparkles.

Sansa | Love the name! This one is a deep royal purple with gold sparkles.
 It's like a deeper, darker Dual (which I also love.)

What are your picks from the new Zoya collections?