Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warby Parker | Beacon Collection

Over the weekend, my friend, Vanessa, and I were roaming around Chelsea. We had a girl's afternoon planned of lunch and walking the High Line. We also stopped into the Warby Parker store to check out the frames I had been hearing so much about.

I usually dread going to the optometrist. It's expensive, uncomfortable, and I always feel awkward trying on different styles. I will just grab the first pair that looks okay so that the receptionist will stop staring at me...But at Warby Parker it was a different experience. It felt more like shopping, trying things on, laughing at the super hipster and Mad Men styles. Each frame had a variety of colours and can have lenses to be glasses or sunglasses. They were very affordable too, making it actually possible to pick up more than one pair.

I am a bit biased towards the name... but I loved the Preston. I also really liked the Ames, but as sunglasses and not so much as glasses. It was awesome the variety displayed, so you can actually figure that out! They also donate a pair of glasses for each pair sold. Win-win-win-win....

As of literally right now, Warby Parker released a new collection. The Beacon Collection is inspired by the "impromptu all-nighter". My all-nighters definitely include my glasses....but my late-night study sessions are much less fun than the all-nighters pictured!

I thought I would share my favourites from the new release. Let's start from the top shall we...? I am loving the Garrett in Oak Barrel as sunnies or glasses. Though, I think my favourite has to be the Ingram. I would love both the Tiger Tortoise and the Revolver Black. I think a lot of people, men and women, will be into this style. Apparently I am having a thing for the tortoise frames and think the McKee look super cute. And sometimes you just need that oversized pair of sunnies. Nancy definitely hits that mark. I love the Tourmaline shade. I am excited that these are now released, so I can go try them on!

What are some of your favourite styles from the Beacon Collection?

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