Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wet n Wild Lipsticks

Over the weekend, I picked up a couple more Wet n Wild lipsticks. With a 'buy one get one' offer, how could I resist? These lipsticks are known for their amazing quality for basically one dollar. So, I decided to have a bit of a swatch-a-thon with my collection. I currently have six shades ranging from light peach to a vampy plum.

As a lipstick noob, my first dive was with this line. It was cost effective-if it didn't work out, there wasn't much to lose. I could also experiment with different shades without that same risk. Even so, it sucks to buy something that doesn't work out for you, so perhaps this will be helpful if you were wondering what a colour would look like. All the shades are super opaque, without any glitter or shimmer. They aren't a matte finish but can be quite drying. I make sure to wear a lip balm underneath. Even so, some of the shades can come across a bit chalky-I found that to be especially true with the lighter shades.

The first shades I tried were Think Pink and Sugar Plum Fairy. They are both pretty widely talked about in the beauty blogger world. Though I was obsessed with Think Pink it at the time, it's honestly not the most flattering on me. Baby/Barbie pinks just aren't my colour. Sugar Plum Fairy is widely raved as a dupe for Mac Rebel. I love the vampy plum for a fall/winter lip. Though, it's one you have to keep a watch on to make sure it doesn't end up on your teeth. My favourite is Mauve Outta Here. It's not so crazy that I can't wear it everyday, but the mauvey/purple tone is fun and a bit different. Plus, for some reason it's not as drying. Just Peachy is one I picked up for an everyday type colour, but like Think Pink I am not sure if it works for me. My newest selections are Pinkerbell and Smokin' Hot Pink. I am obsessed with bright coral lips, so Pinkerbell was basically a given. It's very similar to TopShop Macaroon, so if you want to try the bright lip out for only a couple of bucks-pick Pinkerbell up. I am really loving Smokin' Hot Pink. It's a nice pink-toned brick red. I think it would be a great option for summer nights and the perfect everyday autumn shade.

More awkward than my fashion poses....lip pics! And man, did this process dry out my lips...

What WnW lippies do you own?

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