Friday, March 14, 2014

Review | Fabletics $25 First Outfit

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to do more yoga. And though it might sound superficial, there is nothing like a new workout outfit to increase motivation. From reading my blog, you know I have a bit of a subscription addiction, so when hearing about Fabletics, a monthly workout outfit subscription service, I was curious to try. Plus, when you factor in a 50% promo code, I couldn't resist.

Fabletics is a subsidiary of the JustFab company and is co-founded by Kate Hudson. Like many subscription services, you start by filling out a survey. I actually found this one to be pretty relevant, asking you what types of workouts you prefer, where do you workout, etc. rather than vague questions about your personality. You are then shown a nice range of 'outfits' consisting of a top, bottom, and sometimes a third piece such as a headband, scarf, or jacket. The outfits range in price from $49.95 to $79.95. For your first order, you get 50% off your first outfit. Signing up also gives you access to 'VIP' pricing, so you can order individual pieces at a discount.

I really liked a lot of the different outfits choices. I ended up picking out the Spiral outfit which came with the Salar Legging and Lille Sports Bra. You can never have too many black yoga pants, and I loved the detailing on the sports bra. It's a bit awkward posting pictures in a sports bra, but when I myself was researching Fabletics, I thought it was important to see how the pieces fit. When actually working out, I will definitely be wearing a tank top! I received my order super fast and was amazed by the quality. Everything is literally so soft. I chose both pieces in extra small (after measuring and comparing size charts for fifteen minutes). I did feel a bit better knowing exchanges/returns were free. However, both pieces fit perfectly, and being a bit tall, I was impressed by the length of the leggings. I also like that the rise of the leggings is a bit higher than my fold-over style yoga pants. I am definitely very happy with this subscription and have already added several items to my wishlist. I love this sheer aqua jacket, two-in-one tank sports bra, and chic gym bag. The pieces are really reasonably priced for the quality. It's also easy to skip which I am always looking for in a subscription. I personally don't need a new workout outfit every month, so I value this option. Though, I will have to add another note in the agenda to make sure I click that skip button...

Both the cats love yoga time (aka walking under me during down-dog). Here Patches is having a great time working on her stretches...

To join Fabletics, you can follow my link here. Your first outfit is 50% off! Also, Shape Magazine is running a promotion that if you order from Fabletics, you can get a water bottle for free by emailing them. I found this out through My Subscription Addiction. I will link her post with the details here.

Have you tried Fabletics? Would you join a workout subscription service?

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