Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mini Haul & Review | Lush Christmas

This Halloween, I stopped by Lush to check out their Christmas items (I like that this sentence has two holidays in it...) There were so many fun, festive items! Since it was still October, I limited myself to just a couple of winter products. Though I know I will be coming back for more.

He is just so cute! This is a sweet & spicy, super moisturizing bath melt. Cocoa butter and almond oil moisturize while the cinnamon and cloves scent is warming. He leaves the bath quite creamy looking. I used about half of him for one bath. The scent and moisture definitely lingers. I left his chocolate eyeballs and buttons on, but next time I might take them off to make clean up easier.

This is a fizzy bath bomb with a spicy, citrus scent. This one contains almond oil as well making it a great moisturizer too. The only perhaps off-putting thing is the yellow-orange colour it changes the water but that doesn't bother me too much. I used half of this with half of the Melting Snowman for the perfect sweet & spicy holiday scent with a ton of moisturization. The scent of this combination reminded me exactly of Smarties (not the Nestle's candy-covered chocolates, but the US pastel wafer ones in the plastic wrapping).

For a sample, I wanted to try the Rose Jam Shower Gel. This shower gel is based of the Rose Jam Bubble Bar and is limited edition for the season. It is a super sweet scent with a ton of foaming action. Of course, there is a rose floral note to it as well. It is also moisturizing with added Argan Oil. It's a little too sweet for me for an everyday shower sort of thing, but I am enjoying it as a super scented pick-up treat.

I had quite the luxurious holiday-themed bath experience!  I will definitely be picking up some more of the holiday Lush items! I want to try some more of the holiday bath melts and bath bombs as well as the Rudolph Fresh Face Mask.

Will you be picking up any Lush Christmas items this year? What are your favourites?


  1. Sounds and looks amazing! Will have to check out in real life! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Definitely! Warning-you will come out of the store with more than you intended!

      Kim |