Thursday, October 10, 2013

MIYU A Prettea Little Quartet

I am so excited for today's post! As you know I am a huge fan of Birchbox.  As part of their Birchbox Blogger program, they had a promotion on Twitter with MIYU Beauty. I was lucky enough to be randomly chosen to receive a MIYU A Prettea Little Quartet to review on my blog, as well as one to give away to one of my readers! So keep reading to hear my thoughts on this introductory set and to enter to win one for yourself!

MIYU Beauty is a new beauty brand that features skincare and tea for beauty from the inside out. I am so in love with the concept! A Prettea Little Quartet is the perfect introduction to the brand featuring both pairings of products, Hydrate Mi and De-Stress Mi. In the adorable purse shaped box you receive:
Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence
2 Sachets of Hydrate Mi Tea
De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence
2 Sachets of De-Stress Mi Tea

Pairing 1 : Hydrate Mi
The Hydrate Mi Tea and Beauty Essence are both light floral in notes. The scent is calming, refreshing, and yes, hydrating. When my skin is feeling dry or I just need a bit of a refresh, I spray the Hydrate Mi Essence across my face. I also like using it as a toning step in my evening routine. The essence contains Sodium Hyaluronate as well as pearl, camellia, viola, and rose. The tea has a nice light floral, fruity flavour as a green rooibos with goji berries, rose petals, and snow pear. You can see in the picture of the tea little pearls, these candied pearls add the perfect amount of sweetness and looks so fancy in the sachet.

Pairing 2: De-stress Mi
I was most intrigued by the De-stress Mi pairing. I am a bit neurotic and am easily stressed out. Anything promising a de-stress is something I instantly want to try. And this delivers. The main note of this pairing is peppermint. Other ingredients include licorice, and ginger, but the main scent I pick up is overwhelmingly peppermint (in a good way). This essence as well contains Sodium Hyaluronate, for hydration. I love using the Beauty Essence whenever I want to immediately calm down as well as right before I go to sleep. I have even been spraying it across my pillow before bed. The tea is a peppermint tea with licorice root and chamomile. Again the main taste for me was peppermint. This tea as well has the candied pearls which look so lovely and really do add the right hint of sweetness. Preston & I each had a cup before bed one evening, and we both loved it.

I have really enjoyed all of these products as a way to simply pamper myself. The beauty essences are always close to me either on my desk, by my bedside, or in my handbag. For something that appears very luxurious, I have easily incorporated it into daily life. I am excited for my upcoming plane trip as I will now be armed and ready for anything with these beauty essences!

The MIYU message is made even clearer by the gorgeous packaging. It gives the impression of a chic cafe-apothecary hybrid. The gold accents look lovely, and I am a big fan of the font choice. The tea bags are in a nice clear pyramid bag, though I found it a bit odd that the string wasn't attached at a point. It made the pyramid shape a bit distorted in the mug. I think this is the perfect little set to give as gift to someone. A bridal shower immediately comes to mind, but I can think of a million different occasions-mother's day, housewarming, new job, baby shower, etc. It's also a great little treat for yourself....We could all use a little r&r.
MIYU is available on Birchbox or from the MIYU website.


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Thank you so much Birchbox for letting me review this product & providing another set as a giveaway prize!

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