Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Seven

This week was super hectic! I spent most of my time at my externship or working on my thesis. Any down time I had was spent laying around trying to recover. This weekend I did spend a little time outside post Blizzard Nemo. Here are a few things that helped my get through this crazy week!

[Organizing my Morning with Labeled Coffee Jars]

[My Externship Site]

[New Beauty Items from Sephora]

[Rococo in the Snow]

[Walking through a Winter Wonderland]

[Enjoying the Snow in Prospect Park]

[Crafting a DIY Candle]

In non-pictorial news, this week....
  • I was on the F-Train with Steve Buscemi (& was totally awkwardly about it)
  • I caught up with HBO's Girls (new TV obsession)
  • I went crazy online shopping (make-up, fashion, home)
  • I am so excited for Valentine's Day (I found Preston the most perfect gift!)

As always, I hope you had a lovely week!

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