Wednesday, January 9, 2013

18K Gold Nails

Ever since I tested out the 18K gold top coat at Sephora, I was in love. Unfortunately, I did not share that feeling for the thirty dollar price tag. It seems now that most major nail polish brands carry a real gold top coat, and I was happy to see that Zoya came out with one last Fall, Zoya Gilty. Even happier that I grabbed a flash promo that made Zoya Gilty free. It has definitely become one of my favourite polishes! Here are some of the colour combinations I have done so far.

[Zoya Gilty + Essie Butler Please]

[Zoya Gilty + Zoya Wednesday]

[Zoya Gilty + Essie Jazz]

I can see myself topping just about every one of my manicures with this. Some future combinations I'm envisioning are ox blood, white, forest green, black, & coral.

Are you into the real gold nail polish trend or do you think it's not worth the hype?

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