Tuesday, June 21, 2016

evladyfit, Blogilate's PIIT28, & Tone It Up Bikini Series

I am back on the fitness bandwagon! I just finished my Day 16 workout of PIIT28, a 28 day Pilates program by Blogilates. I feel so much stronger and love that I have a daily workout to keep me moving and focused. With this newfound motivation, I started a new Instagram account, evladyfit, to keep spirits up, increase my accountability, and join in with others on this journey. Having a set plan was really key to maintaining this habit for me. I needed something concrete to check off each day, so I love the PIIT calendar and schedule. Next on my fitness goals is to complete the Tone It Up Bikini Series. It's 8 weeks of working out and healthy eating. I am so excited to add the meal prep and new recipes to my lifestyle. The second round starts June 27th, so now is the perfect time to join! I grabbed the bundle and feel set and excited to start.

Do you do Blogilate's workouts or Tone It Up's? How do you stay motivated to workout and eat healthy?

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