Sunday, May 22, 2016

Souvenirs from Taiwan

[Sheet Masks]

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our adventures in Taiwan. Today, I thought I'd share some of the souvenirs we picked up. We didn't have much time for shopping, and I have been working on a no-buy (more on that to come), so we didn't make it a priority. We did want to bring back a few things to share with friends and family and to serve as reminders of our trip.

One thing I knew I had to get while in Asia was sheet masks. I had so much fun going from Watsons to Watsons trying to find a bunch of different kinds. And laughing at some of the funny ones, including 'Girl on Period'. I ended up with a few from Korea and made in Taiwan. I am excited to try them out with friends in a typical sleepover situation, and I sent a few to my mom and sister to try. Preston & I used the panda heating eye masks on the plane, made the 16 hours much more comfortable.

[Pineapple Cakes]

[Alishan Oolong Tea]

We couldn't leave without bringing back some tea. Alishan is famous for their oolong. We brought back two different kinds. A little goes a long way with oolong as the tea leaves unfurl, so we will enjoy these for awhile. Every time I open the pantry,  I am remind of our trip. I love seeing that cute red train.

To go with our tea, we brought back a box of pineapple cakes. Now, these did not last long. We sent a few to family to try and pretty much ate them all in the first couple of days back.


For my brothers, I found these handmade ocarinas. They had just got back from Puerto Rico where they got wooden frogs (the ones where you rub the stick on the back to make sounds), so I thought these turtles would be a good pair.

[Washi Tape]

[Coloring Book]

And then, I couldn't resist a few new stationery items. I found the little animal washi tape at a Japanese themed discount-type store. The succulent and the gold bamboo are better quality and from the brand Dailylike. I got those at the Eslite bookstore. I could have been in that stationery section all day. In Chiayi, we passed by a bookstore and decided to go in. I instantly saw this 'A Million Cats' coloring book and knew I needed it. I mean we had a long plane ride coming up. I picked up this mini pack of colored pencils at the airport- just in time for the flight. 

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