Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How I Store My Lush Bath Products

The rose gold love continues from yesterday's post-this time with interiors. I am loving a touch of metallic around my apartment. I don't discriminate between gold and silver, but copper touches are definitely my favourite. Every once in a blue moon, I step into a Lush store and come out with quite a few bath bombs, melts, and bubble bars. Admittedly, they used to just hang out in the paper bag until go-time. Then, after a few candle hauls too many, I started to store them in the 3-wick Bath & Body Works candles. That worked okay, but that candle jar is pretty short, so I really only used it after having broken up the product in half or even quarters. My love of B&BW candles has sort of faded out with my discovery of the soy candles from Target. They are slightly better priced, larger, better ingredients, and have a touch more sophisticated scents. The jar is also much more conducive for Lush storage as the jar is taller. Any larger and I would probably become a bath product hoarder, so this is the perfect size. I love the copper tops with the artisanal font and design. I'm currently burning 'Cozy Nights' which has a pretty pale silver lid if that fits your bathroom theme better. I bought this tray years ago, and it fits these jars rather nicely. I couldn't fit an even three, but pairing it with the smaller jar version makes for a nice bath treat. I have my candle and products all ready to go!

How do you store your Lush goods?

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