Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review | New from Wet n Wild 2016

Wet n Wild has come out with loads of new products for 2016. There are eyeshadow palettes, make-up brushes, gel polishes, and more! I have had to reel myself back in several times in the drugstore... I did end up picking out a few new things. But I have to say, I now just want to try more!

I am always down to try a new mascara, especially when it promises cat eyes. I am not the hugest rubber bristle fan, but I am loving this Max Fanatic Cat Eye Mascara. The end of the wand really fans out to get all those long lashes in the outer corner. I only need a few swipes for length and volume, and I have found it to last all day on me without smudging. I love the Urban Decay Setting Sprays, but they are a bit on the pricey side, especially for something that runs out fairly quickly. I tend to use setting sprays more in the summer due to the unbearable heat (whether I'm in the city or visiting Florida), so I haven't tested this out too often as of yet. The Photofocus Setting Spray does have exactly the same light scent and feel as the UD one. Just for a fraction of the price. Finally, I did not need another nail polish, but I had to try the 1 Step Wonder Gel polishes. For blog research, right? I'm sold, and now want the whole range. I have Pretty Peas and All That Jazzy!  I love the look of gel nails but like to switch it up too often for the tedious removal process. These polishes give the look of gel with your standard nail painting technique without a single difference in removal. I haven't tried these as long as they could go, but I did wear it on my weekend trip to Seattle. They stayed picture perfect the whole trip. I am lusting after some of the bright summery shades and cool neutrals.

Have you picked up any new WnW releases?

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