Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ABM Happy Mail | October & November 2015

I had a huge shipping issue last month, so my poor Happy Mail envelope never made it to me. ABM customer service was fantastic and shipped me a new one. So I figured I would share it as well as the most recent month, November, of Happy Mail.

October came with some bold, yet simple designs for an array of occasions. I didn't notice too much of a theme-just colour-wise lots of pink and orange. My favourites of October were lipstick 'Thank You' card (I know just the person to send this to) and the sequinned 'Heck Yes'. I love that there was finally some washi tape included!

November is giving me strong 90s vibes. The plaids are so Cher from Clueless! Lots of different messages this month from the usual thank you's and birthdays to more specific anniversaries and babies. My favourites are the washi stickers in various plaid patterns, the celebrate with silver foil cocktails, the fun enveloped 'thank you', and the nail polish 'you're so fancy' (though I wish the text was foiled!)

This is still one of my favourite subscriptions. I love having the perfect card on hand and for such a value. I do have to say these past two months haven't been my favourite compared to earlier ones. That, of course, might just be a taste thing and comes with the surprise subscription territory!

What were your favourites from October & November?

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