Friday, October 2, 2015

Zoya Nail Polish | Focus & Flair

I can't help being addicted to Zoya. Their polishes are too pretty. I'll save the 'my favourite brand spiel' as I've rambled on in every Zoya haul I've done-and there have been a few. Roughly one per season...which brings us to Fall 2015. All but one of these polishes is from their new Focus & Flair collections. The exception is Autumn, which is from last fall's Entice & Ignite collections. Let's get onto the swatches!

Aggie | Bronze to olive metallic duochrome.

Charli | Army green creme. Light in direct sun (as pictured), darker indoors.

Cinnamon | Warm brown-bronze metallic. (Sorry for the tip wear, this is after a week!)

Sia | Royal/cobalt blue creme. Similar to Essie's Butler Please.

Autumn | Fiery burnt orange in Zoya's foil finish.

I am definitely more of a cool-toned polish kind of girl, but something about these warm bronze shades for fall got me. Of course, I still throw in a true blue and a steely green.

What are some polishes that you picked up recently for fall?

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