Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Filofax Weeks

Hello again! My blogging everyday has gotten a bit harder after I lost this weekend to being awfully sick. There always has to be a brick to shatter your plans. Though being under the weather gave me time for some filofaxin'. I have to admit I haven't decorated in what seems like forever.  So I re-peaked my interest with some new glittery orange & black tape.

My version of a 'glam' fall spread. (Oops- I left my temporary meeting note on there!)

I really love how this cozy coffee theme turned out. My favourite planner colours are kraft + black + white.

Halloween! I have so many themed tapes I tried to incorporate them all in little flags.

I am really excited for this month! I have a whole lot of fun things coming up. I haven't written much in my planner pages yet, but it's coming. I'm glad I am feeling much better so I can actually enjoy one of my favourite months of the year. 

Do you decorate your planner?

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