Thursday, September 3, 2015

Review | Nars Audacious Mascara

I have been having a moment with Nars. I love how timeless their packaging is and how their products just make you look better. I find I can’t really over do it with Nars. Everything is so blendable-even the crazy colours. I made a little pre-b-day, treat yo’ self, purchase (post to come!) and received this little sample of their new Audacious Mascara.

Again, just gorgeous ‘basic’ in-a-good-way packaging. Plus, the name of the shade is Black Moon. Too cool, Nars, too cool. The brush is insane. Crazy rubber bristles, popping out everywhere. It creates super separated, long lashes. I would say it gives volume, each individual lash is thicker, but doesn’t give you the appearance of more lashes (the fluffy, feathery look). Definitely a dramatic look, but I’m just not going to switch up my mascara between day & night. The formula is initially very wet, but by the end of the day can feel dry. It doesn’t move-unless wet. It is definitely not waterproof or even resistant. Something to keep in mind!

I really enjoy the look it gives my lashes. It’s not my typical vibe-I am in the fluffy, feathery lash camp, but it is good stuff-especially if you want the dramatic. Length & separation it definitely delivers.

Have you tried any new mascara releases recently?

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