Sunday, August 16, 2015

Physician's Formula Cat Eye Mascara & Eye Booster Liquid Liner

Please ignore my whack-a-do bang situation. It happens. Anyway... I mentioned loving these two products from Physician's Formula in my monthly favourites. I saw these products on display advertised as a cat eye kit. And I am all about the winged liner look, so I was suckered in. Plus, it was buy one, get one. So really- no loss. The Eye Booster Liquid Liner has been around awhile, but I hadn't tried it yet. I got the black shade. I love the metal packaging and the felt pen like applicator is perfect for wings both bold and thin. I was initially hesitant regarding the serum claims, but I actually think my lashes are longer. It took a week to notice, which makes me think it's true (the placebo effect would occur much earlier right?). I usually prefer natural-styled mascara wands, but the Physician's Formula rubber ones get my seal of approval. It takes using it a week though before I am a fan of the formula-which is probably true for most of my run-ins with mascaras. I can't exactly say that the Cat Eye mascara is really any different from the leaf tube, or the green leaf tube, or the pink leaf tube-but hey why not try the black with red velvet tube for a change.

Have you tried any of the cat eye products?

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