Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review | Ped Egg Power

Summer! Time to get pedicure ready. And recover from all the barefoot and sandal-wearing. I have been hearing about these nifty tools (and had one of the manual ones); however, the one I saw originally was pretty expensive. This one from Ped Egg was like fifteen bucks and works pretty well. It comes with two attachments-a courser blue and a finer purple. I don't know how much I can say about this, but I thought you might want to know...

Friday, July 24, 2015

ABM Happy Mail | July 2015

Happy Mail! There hasn't been a month of disappointment with this one, so if you are a stationery lover, I highly recommend. Everything is so pretty & useful. It's been awesome to always have the perfect card on hand for any occasion.

My favourite items this month are definitely the stickers. The envelope sealing succulent terrariums are perfection. As a Filofax-er, I can always use more alpha stickers and these neon coral ones are so pretty for a summer spread. The prints this month were inspiring as always. I plan on framing the Joss Whedon quote as a gift to a friend. Happy Birthday cards are always welcome. I used the Zoolander one as Preston's B-day card as we had just re-watched the movie, so the timing was too perfect. Can't help but love the Taco and the #soulmates cards too.

What were your favourites this month?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Self-Tanning Essentials

Trying to get my faux glow on. Here are some of my favourite products. For Step 1: Exfoliation The Body Shop Body Scrub in Cocoa Butter is awesome at prepping the skin so no weird spots occur. Also make sure to shave before, so you don't end up having shave away your tan. Step 2: Hydrate. Julep's Body Cleanings Oil has a bright, energizing scent and leaves skin clean and hydrated-without being greasy. Perfect for streak-free tanner. As for the final step, tarte Brazilliance Self-Tanner
 is my fav. It's easy and gives such natural colour-even for my fair skin. Don't forget to use a mitt. They are fantastic for application.

What are your tips & products for self-tanning?


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trend | Purse Pom-Pom

I've shared a few pics on Instagram & this post on my new bucket bag from Zara. It seems furry balls are a new thang in the accessories department. I'm not the only one that thinks it's fun. Patches approves.

Purse Poms? Yay or Nay?


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blush Bags | Zara Leather Bucket Bag with Tassel

I am having a thing for this new neutral. Blush. I used to avoid pinky shades, as my red hair/fair skin colouring can look a bit washed out. However, I am liking that it's a bit different, but still able to work with a lot of outfits. I got the Rebecca Minkoff Rose Gold Mab over the winter and love it. It's the perfect work tote. I wanted to give it a bit of a break, so I recently picked up this Zara Tassel Bucket Bag for more casual occasions. It's a true pink, but again works as well as a neutral. Plus, the bucket bag trend is still going strong. This one has a bit of a different shape & zips.

It's a small bag in my mind, though objectively I will say it's medium. It's nice to have something a little lighter for summer. It's in the sale (hopefully still) for a deal. I have gotten so many compliments on it-so check it out. The pom-pom key chain is from H&M.

Are you a fan of pink bags?


Monday, July 20, 2015

Packing Guide | Summer Edition

Over the winter holidays, I made up a printable packing guide. Since I am going on another trip, I thought I would share the summer version. I have been super excited for my trip to Florida. I need a vacation! With all that excitement came some shopping. Ten days without work clothes sounds amazing. Though, I might just need the bikini-I don't plan on leaving the pool or beach...

A few travel-related posts are linked in the holiday packing guide post- if you need some help packing! Don't forget the flash tats... Follow on Instagram to keep up with the adventure.

Any remaining summer vacation plans?

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Rococo & I (and Preston & Patches) are getting ready for Florida. Packing, cleaning-you know the drill. Tomorrow, I am posting a packing guide-so if you also have an upcoming trip, check that out. Until then. Get beach body inspiration from this fluff.

Flamingo v. Ragdoll


Birchbox | July 2015

Birchbox has been on with the custom boxes. This one is super elaborate so to continue with my Birchbox Nail Art, I decided to pick one of the many patterns. I freehanded the triangles with matching colours. A bold summer design, which happens to be the theme of the box.

Box Breakdown
Cartier Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose
stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Venizia
Bumble and bumble. All-Style Blow Dry
Supergoop! Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30
clariSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant

I was a bit disappointed in the sample selection. I'm sure a lot of people loved it (choosing a shade of stila Stay All Day), but I like to have a few brands to choose from so I know I'm getting something cruelty-free. Unfortunately, stila no longer is, but I do have a person in mind to gift this pretty coral shade to. Same goes for the Bumble and bumble.  I am excited to try the clariSEA Charcoal Exfoliant. I love that you can add it to your regular cleanser to give it some scrubbing powers. I have been hoarding sunscreen samples for my trip to Florida, so the Supergoop! Serum will come in handy. 

What did you get in this month's BB?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Julep | July 2015

Every once in awhile, I opt in for a month of Julep Maven. This month I was sold on the Body Cleansing Oil, as I am an oil obsessive-face, hair, whatever-, and the sassy packing of the Cuticle Creme. The pretty pastel polishes didn't hurt either.

Box Breakdown
rethink your shower Hydrating Body Cleansing Oil
your cuticles look thirsty Fast-Absorbing Cuticle Creme
Alexa (Light Purple Creme)
Brittany (Light Peachy Pink)

The rethink your shower Oil is super citrus-y and foamy. I can't tell how it differs from the traditional gel since I just went straight to the loofah, but it did leave my skin feeling clean and hydrated. I love the packaging of the your cuticles look thirsty Creme. I definitely have dry cuticles most of the time, and I think this thick balm-like lotion will help. I love purple polishes and Alexa looks a lot like Zoya Caitlin. I am always accidentally buying the same shades. It's less gray than Caitlin, so they're different. Right? I don't have many pinks, so I thought Brittany would be a good one to add to my collection. Light, yet opaque, perfect for a summer pedi.

Did you get anything from Julep Maven this month?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Weekend Vlog | We're going droning!

I have been posting The Weekends for awhile now as a way to record our little adventures around Park Slope and New York City. I have been wanting to give vlogging a try, so here is the result of that. A lot of awkwardness, but we had a lot of fun too. We haven't taken the drone out since there was snow on the ground, so it was about time we see Prospect Park in the summer from above.

I really don't know how people manage to vlog everyday. It's a ton of work! I think I am much more picture & writing oriented. It's easy to check to make sure a few pictures are perfect-much harder to clip and trim video. Maybe we will get better at this?

What were you up to this weekend?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

drybar Minis | Lil Lemon Drop & I Heart Road Trips Kit

I am getting a bit obnoxious in my excitement for my upcoming vacation. I started counting down the days at like 40... So yes, when I saw the "Mini Bar" of products at a recent trip to drybar, I couldn't help but imagine myself packing up these goodies to fly away with me. I wanted to try a lot of things, so I went with the I Heart Road Trips Kit and I couldn't resist the mini brush!

The I Heart Road Trips Kit comes with three travel-size styling products: The Chaser Shine Cream, Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, and Triple Sec 3-in-1. I am in love with all of these products. I have tried the Detox Dry Shampoo and really like Triple Sec as well. It's like a dry shampoo, volumizing, texturizer in one. I am not too sure of the difference, but I like them both. I haven't found a sea salt spray that I actually would use until now. Mai Tai Spritzer gives texture and hold to beachy waves, without being so chalky that your hair just feels dry. Definitely excited to be using this all summer. For shining products, I usually use oils, but I am quite enjoying the cream texture of The Chaser. It gives my hair shine and reduces fly-aways without feeling heavy or greasy. All the scents are amazing too. The Lil Lemon Drop is so cute and works just as well as a regular sized brush. I haven't used anything else since I got it.

If you are planning on traveling or just want to try out some goodies from drybar, I recommend checking out this kit or any other of their mini bar offerings.

What are your favourite drybar products?


Monday, July 6, 2015

My drybar Experience

I am not one for salons. I cut my own hair, do my own nails, etc., etc. Blowdry only salons aren't a new thing, especially for NYC. I have always been curious but a bit hesitant. Will it really be worth the money? Will it be awkward? How long will it take? Overall, will the experience be worth it? With an upcoming occasion as an excuse, I decided to give it a try.

I have used a couple of drybar products before and love the cute bar theme. I booked an appointment online, but it wasn't too busy when I went. The staff were all super friendly and made it easy for a first timer like me to choose a style. I went with the Cosmo Tai- a mix between loose curls and beachy waves. My stylist kept them tighter so that it would last a little bit into the next day.

I have a ton of hair, so it was quite the process. From shampooing to blowdrying to curling, it took about 45 minutes. I think 30 minutes is their allotted time. Music was playing, magazines and drinks provided, and even Eat, Pray, Love was on in the background. It helped so that you wouldn't feel forced to converse if you didn't want to.

All the products smelled amazing, so I definitely bought a few to use at home. I love the results. My hair is so shiny and bouncy! I might just get addicted, which wouldn't be so bad as they have a monthly membership. As for the longevity, by the next day the curls are much looser (still there though), but it is definitely as smooth and shiny. I will probably just add a couple of curls in the front to revamp the style. For a special occasion or weekend away, I think it definitely worth it and a fun way to amp up anticipation for the event. It would be fun to have some friends come too.

Not going to lie, I ended up spending quite a bit. I did get several products though too (post on those soon!) And gave a bigger tip since my hair is a lot to work with. It was my big first time of getting my hair 'did' though, so I am justifying it! I think I'll have to go back for my birthday weekend in September.

Have you been to drybar? Let me know about your experience! 
Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bath & Body Works Haul | Summer

It's always fun to stock up on seasonal Bath & Body Works products. Here are just a few new items I picked up for the summer. My apartment smells like a tropical resort!

Isn't this turtle wallflower pretty!

Had to get the cucumber melon throwback body wash. This was my favourite scent as a teen (& probably pre-teen too!)

Did you get anything at the big B&BW sale?