Monday, June 8, 2015

Braid Play

I felt like testing out some braids this weekend and wanted to share the results of this trial & error. I have been loving doing a super big dutch side braid and wanted to expand my repertoire, especially for the summer.

I have been wanting to master the halo/milkmaid braid look, but it seems it's not the style for me. I think my hair is just a little to thick. It's probably a look better for finer hair. Also, I have a very round face, so I kind of just look like a ball. But anyway, if you do want to try this out, I just split my hair in half, like pigtails. On one side, I did a normal braid and on the other side, I did a fishtail. Trying to channel Barefoot Blonde. Then, I just bobby pinned each strand on the top of my head. The sides got a little full for me, so I look more like Princess Leia than was intended.

After I gave up on the whole milkmaid braids, I decided to do a couple of dutch waterfall braids along the side of my head and lead them into one regular braid on the side. Super simple. Dutch braiding just means you go under the middle strand, instead of over. I recently learned this and it's a lot of fun to vary the braids. It gives the look of a braid on top of the hair rather than inside of the hair, like a french braid. It also makes the weaving look like it's going backwards. Waterfall is like french braiding, but you only add new hair from one side.

I am excited to try some more braids out. I'm going to blame Game of Thrones for this...

What's your favourite braided hairstyle? I need more ideas to try!

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