Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Garden State

When we weren't hiking up a storm, we were breathing in the fresh air, watching the birds. Ah, that deck life. We would just sit out there for hours...even nap. After a makeup-less, sweaty, work-out clothes wearing camping experience, I decided to dress up a bit. I felt like I was in a secret garden.

The dress is from Target. They have so many cute maxi dress options. Gladiators are Vince Camuto Hevelli-I scored them from Marshall's for a huge discount, so I suggest checking out the discount stores first. Nails are Butter London Fruit Machine. Weirdly, it's one of the very few pink polishes I own.

Sunny days outside planting tomatoes. It makes me excited to one day have a garden of my own. Though, I admit I could put in some more effort into my concrete jungle of a backyard. My succulents are still alive! Whoop-whoop. I know, it's only been a month...

City, country, or suburbs?

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